Chris Tran's Morris Minor Renovation pages

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My experiences with Workshop Manuals and Renovation Books have not been 100% successful - there is usually some hidden or unexpected difficulty that the writers of these books don't encounter, or choose to ignore. They also are in well-equipped workshops, with experienced mechanics, often working on a fairly young vehicle. These web-pages give my experience of doing these jobs, with all the difficulties I overcame. I'm working on a 1957 Morris Minor which is in fairly good condition for its age, but needs a lot of work to improve it.  I don't have a particularly comprehensive toolkit, but I have purchased a few specialised tools. 

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This particular 1957 MM is a 'Ute' (Utility vehicle = Pick-up = LCV) which was a CKD = Completely Knocked Down i.e. shipped from the UK in a crate as a kit of parts and assembled at the Nuffield factory in Petone, Wellington, New Zealand. It is a MM 1000, but has some unique N.Z. features. The N.Z. climate and salt-free roads are very kind to vehicles - there are many rust-free old cars there - unfortunately this Morris Minor was not one of them !!

Important note : these pages refer to work done on a Morris Minor Pick-up, which has many similarities but also significant differences from the Morris Minor saloon, etc.

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       Bodywork - sills

       Bodywork - floor


      Front suspension


           Door handles

   Electrics - fuel gauge

     Oil pressure gauge