Morris Minor - floor and sills

Symptoms of problem :  Completely rusted floor pan - beyond repair.  Completely rusted sills - beyond repair.

Vehicle : 1957 Morris Minor 1000 Pick-up (LCV) - a CKD MM built in Petone, New Zealand. (part Series II, part Minor 1000 I think!)

Time : 40 hours   Difficulty : 8/10   Parts required :  New floor pan with sill step, new boxing plate, new undersill (combined 'outer sill' and 'inner sill') - 2 of each required - 1 left side, 1 right side.  B-post repair piece - 2 required (fit either side)    Cost :  120 approx per side - check prices carefully. 

Special tools required :  MIG and TIG welders, numerous angle-grinders, needle-gun, etc..

I knew that this Morris Minor had some bodywork problems when I bought it, but the extent of the problems still came as a shock. Some previous owner(s) had covered all rust and decay with pop-rivetted-on metal patches (if you were lucky) and then covered everything with fibreglass - the whole floor, both sills, and both bases of the B-post (= B-pillar = the one at the back of the door) were completely rusted away.  Surprisingly, this does not alter the structural strength of the vehicle as much as you might think, because the chassis is in good condition - still I would not like to have an accident in a vehicle weakened by rust in this way.  

I soon decided that my welding skills were not up to doing this job properly, so enlisted the help of Percy and Alan Rackham, a father and son team of expert mechanical engineers. Alan is doing most of the work, with me as the labourer. We started work on the left hand side (passenger side) of the vehicle.

alan1.JPG (1084918 bytes)    percy1.JPG (1089458 bytes)

                      Alan working on the project                                                                                   Percy

Some photos of the old panels before removal :

oldfloor1.JPG (1067218 bytes)    boxplateold1.JPG (1112696 bytes)

         The old rusty floor - removed in 2 separate halves                                 The old rusty (left hand side) boxing plate and sill

bpostold.JPG (1061644 bytes)    bpostold2.JPG (1075035 bytes)

The old rusty base of the A-pillar - see the fibreglass with a hole in it                        The old rusty base of the LHS B-pillar

apostold1.JPG (1078137 bytes)    rhapostold1.JPG (1066909 bytes)

The old rusty base of the LHS A-pillar before final removal of rust.       The old rusty base of the RHS A-pillar - worse than the LHS !

Some photos of the new panels :

boxplatenew1.JPG (1074533 bytes)    undersill1.JPG (1064242 bytes)

                        New Boxing plate                                                                       New undersill (combined inner and outer sill)

undersill2.JPG (1049050 bytes)    brepair1.JPG (1068102 bytes)

     Front end of left hand side undersill, seen from below                                  B-post repair piece - thin (and expensive) metal !

brepair2.JPG (1068994 bytes) 

                           B-post repair piece

Some photos of the new panels in position before welding :

brepair3.JPG (1096046 bytes)    floorfrontnew1.JPG (1047367 bytes)

         Left hand side B-post repair - with new boxing plate                   Left hand side new floor pan, with sill step and new boxing plate

seatfix1.JPG (1041790 bytes)   

      Seat fixings before welding onto underside of new floor pan

Some photos of the new panels in position after welding :

bpostnew1.JPG (1090988 bytes)    boxplatenew2.JPG (1054166 bytes)

New base of left hand side B-post, new boxing plate, new undersill                 New boxing plate, new undersill and new floor pan

apostnew1.JPG (1132777 bytes)    apostnew2.JPG (1042632 bytes)

New base of left hand side A-post, new floor pan (with sill step)           New base of LHS A-post, before welding on small cover plate

underfloornew1.JPG (1078338 bytes)

      New floor - underside, showing bracing piece welded on

Page under construction - 29th August 2006         A full written description of these repairs will follow a.s.a.p.

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