Morris Minor - front suspension

Symptoms of problem :  Clunks and rattles from front suspension when driving over minor bumps.

Vehicle : 1957 Morris Minor 1000 Pick-up (LCV) - a CKD MM built in Petone, New Zealand. (part Series II, part Minor 1000 I think!)

Time : 8 hours   Difficulty : 8/10   Parts required :  New bushes, new eyebolts, new gudgeon pins, welding   Cost : approx. 70

Special tools required :  Nil

mmmm.....the most difficult job so far ...... taking me hours and costing a lot more than expected, but has to be done properly. To cut a long story short, some previous owner or dodgy garage had welded the eyebolts onto the chassis members. Welding any of the suspension parts is a definite 'no-no' for any vehicle to pass its MOT/WOF, so I'm having to sort this out.

This job started off as a straightforward replacement of the eyebolt bushes, which inevitably wear out with time. However, various other problems appeared along the way so I'm sorting them one at a time.....

6th July 2005 - PAGE UNDER CONSTRUCTION - more information soon !!

torsionbar1.jpg (1069447 bytes) torsionbar2.jpg (1065551 bytes)
    Front of torsion bar with worn gudgeon pin and (very) worn bushes                                      Rear of torsion bar

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